Sunday, September 15, 2013

Baking Mama

I thought I'd share a picture of myself so you can see the actual person selling Gourmet Cupboard through my website Southern Belle Gourmet .  I am just a normal, middle aged mom who loves to make wonderful food at great prices that are easy to make!

My good friend Julie gave me a new apron, oven mitt, and dish towel (not pictured) for my birthday coming up in a few days.  I had fun all afternoon making and baking with products I sell at my website.

I made 5 minute fudgestrawberry/lemonade pie , and beer bread. It was a lot to make as I made little individual pies (using cupcake molds) for the pie and so it took a while. But it was fun and now we fudge for hubby and pie for me. The bread went great with my crock pot meatloaf too.