Thursday, June 20, 2013

~ Chai Tea Blend ~

Back in April at the garage sale for the animal shelter I picked up a really nice cast iron tea pot.  A special kind that you put the tea leaves right in the top filter area and let steep and then pour!

It was a great opportunity to try one of our excellent tea blends.  So I made this back in May. Way too hot for me to think about hot tea just now although I suppose I could make some hot tea and then put it in the fridge for cold Chai Tea. :)

Ingredients: Hot water and the Chai Tea Blend mix

Directions: Scoop 2 heaping tsps of Chai Tea Blend into one cup of boiling water. 

Let stand for about five minutes.

Strain the tea and then add hot milk and sweeten as desired. I made mine too strong the first time and forgot to add the milk so it was very strong!  But the second time I made it I used 1 teaspoon and it was plenty!  Deep rich flavor!

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