Saturday, May 11, 2013

~Parmesan Herb Mix ~

A few weeks ago I use one of our wonderful mixes called Parmesan Herb Mix that can be used on many things.  I like to coat my potatoes with this tasty seasoning whenever I make my crock pot meatloaf. This is great on grilled chicken or other meats and also adds a great flavor to mashed potatoes or crescents before baking them.

 What you need:  Parmesan Herb Mix, potatoes (and meat loaf - I make either our yummy Mexican meatloaf or the one with the crock pot- this is the one that comes with the crock pot recipes).
 After making the meatloaf and placing in crock pot, I place the potatoes around the edge of the meat loaf as in photo.
 Sprinkle Parmesan Herb Mix generously over all the potatoes
 Such a nice flavor when they've roasted all day in the crock pot.  Why not get some Parmesan Herb Mix yourself and find out all kinds of uses for it!